Physics In Islam

Q.8: What is the Contribution of Abu Ali Hassan Ibn-Al-Haitham in the field of Physics?


He was a great scholar of physics mathematics engineering astronomy and medicine.

  • He wrote many books on various subjects.
  • He wrote a book Kitab-ul-Manazir on optics.
  • He invented pin hole camera.
  • He discovered the nature of light and told that it is kind of energy.
  • He gave formal definition of ray of light.
  • He described luminous and non – luminous object.
  • He described the working and the internal structure of The eye.

Q.9: What is Contribution of Yaqub Ibne Ishaq-Alkindi in the field of Physics?


  • He produced many research monographs on meteorology, specific gravity and on tides.
  • His most important work was on sound and optics.
  • He discovered a method to express musical notes in terms of frequencies.
  • He also discussed the nature of sound.
  • He worked on geometrical optics. One of his work on optics was translated into Latin.
  • He did considerable work on medicine too.

Q.10: What is the contribution of Abu Rehan Muhammad Bin Ahmed Al-Beruni in the field of Physics?


  • He proved practically that the earth was round.
  • He measured the circumference of the earth.
  • He discussed the movement of the sun and the moon.
  • He determined the longitude and latitude of a place.
  • He found the density of various metals.
  • He disclosed that the earth is not stationary but it is floating in space.

Q.11: Write down the Contribution of Dr. Abdul Salam in the field of Physics?


  • He was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on Grand Unification Theory (GUT).
  • He established international center for theoretical physics at Trieste, Italy where scientists from developing countries are provided opportunities to augment their research work.
  • He was asset of Pakistan and will remain in the hearts of learning circle.

Q.12: Write down the contribution of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in the field of Physics?


  • He worked as an expert at Uren co enrichment plant in Holland as a joint venture ofthe Government of Holland.
  • When Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan imbued with the supreme spirit of patriotism, he returned to Pakistan to serve his motherland.
  • To honor him the former engineering research laboratories has now been named as A.Q Khan Research Laboratories.
  • He has been awarded Hilal-e-lmtiaz by the Government of Pakistan.
  • He contributed in making Pakistan a nuclear state.

Q.13: What do you mean by teaching of Islam and science in view of QURAN and HADITHS?


In an authentic hadith saheeh Bukhari Sharif the mode of the first revelation is narrated when the Holy Prophet (P.8.U.H) was in the cave of Hira.

“Read: in the name of the Lord who createth”.

“Createth man from a clot.”

“Read: and it is thy Lord the most Bountiful”’

“Who teacheth by pen, Teacheth man that which he knew not”

(Surah: Al – Alaq, Ayat 1-5)

It is obvious from the first revelation that reading in Islam is the most important feature of life.

importance Of Knowledge Of Things:

In the Holy Quran the knowledge of names of things is related to the very first man, Adam (may Allah place his soul in peace and tranquility). Superiority of Adam to angels is due to knowledge of things:

“And he taught Adam all the names then showed them to the angels saying: inform me of the names of these if ye are truthful”.

“They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the knower, the wise”.

“He said: 0 Adam! Inform them of their names and when he had informed them of their names. He said: Did | not tell you that |! known the secret of the heavens and the earth? And | know that which ye disclose and which ye hide”.

Hazrat Adam And Knowledge:

These verses tell us that the first man, Adam, created on the surface of the earth had knowledge of things and was not an ignorant person. It means that our very first ancestors were blessed with knowledge of things by Allah himself. Adam (may Allah place his soul in peace and tranquility) was not only the first man on the earth but also the first Prophet of Allah. Therefore, teachings of Islam from its very beginning is to acquire knowledge of things.

Hadith In Favor Of Learning And Gaining Knowledge:

  • One hadith narrates:

“Quest knowledge from cradle to grave”.

  • Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

“Gain knowledge if you had to travel even to China”. In the days of Prophet, China was supposed a far remote land from Arabia as well as learning seat of knowledge.

  • In another hadith the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

“To gain knowledge is an obligation to every Muslim man and woman”.

  • These and many other had its indicate the importance of learning and knowledge in Islam. In the light of teaching of Islam we cannot ignore learning and gaining knowledge from all quarters of life. Of course, knowledge is the legacy of a believer.